Sep 23 2005

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This site contains chunks of information that I find interesting; things I want to remember, occasional opinions, personal notes on books or restaurants, and curiosities that can be considered retro!

Except where noted, HAK is the responsible party. However, there are two major appendages (i.e. urls that start at that are really independent sites written by SPK and GCK respectively.


Via the usual webmaster address. Include a sensible title or your mail might be classified as junk by some mail filter.


This blog is based on the solid wordpress software. The documentation found in the wordpress “codex” is especially useful.
I did find some of the wordpress terminology a little bit goofy at first. Especially the use of ‘template’.


Due to the prevalence of spambots that run around and post ads and other junk on blogs, I’ve had to turn off annonymous posting. To comment, you’ll have to register with a name, phony or real, before commenting.

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