Aug 23 2006

Yahoo Finance On Your Site

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Yesterday, I noticed Yahoo Finance offered the provide html code which would embed a stock price graph and/or stock price quotes in ‘your’ web page. You get to pick a list of up to ten stocks and a couple of sizes and colors for the background. I gave it a try and found it was easy. The process ends with a short snippet of ‘html’ for you to add to your web site. Easy enough to do and here’s what it looked like. Of course, the Yahoo name is prominent and the graph links back to a page on Yahoo, but that’s okay.
yahoo on retrotech
However, this addin isn’t staying in the side bar for several reasons.

  • It’s not particularly relevant to the site.
  • The graphs are not accurate or consistent with the current price; e.g. a current price of 70 showed as 65 on the graph.
  • The html code is not valid xhtml.

But this little exercise shows in a small way how easy it is becoming to pull together the information one needs in a custom way. A simple ‘mash up’ in current web slang.

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