Apr 11 2006

Paul Temple and the Gilbert Case

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Presented on a podcast from “Soap Detectives”.

A BBC radio drama from the 30’s (I think) in seven 25 minute episodes. I’d listened to a number of other radio detective shows, but this one ‘grabbed’ me more than the others. Very similar to “The Thin Man” series of books and movies. Paul Temple and his wife Steve(I think that’s what he was saying) are wealthy, well connected, gad abouts and amateur detectives. In this story they take on the case of a young man convicted of killing his fiancee. A whole long series of incidents and encounters ensue. The culmination seems to be the classic bring all the suspects together for a dinner party and ‘outing’ of the real villain, but it carries on a bit further. Much drinking, dancing, and other sorts of fun. A glimpse of upper class life in the urban thirties.

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  1. gkkon 15 May 2006 at 6:25 pm

    If you liked that, there’s another Paul Temple “case” on the same website, I think it is 5 parts. I agree with you that they’re fun and very Thin-Mannish.

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