Feb 15 2006

The Year of Magical Thinking

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by Joan Didion,

A best seller by a well known writer. A very appropriate Valentines present that I read on that day. A book I had been waiting to read. A measured and controlled portrayal of and meditation on the nature of mourning and grief. In her case, the sudden death of her husband of forty years compounded by very serious illness of her daughter (septic shock and then brain surgery). Her marriage was one in which both participants worked at home for essentially all forty years Very personal and illuminating.
The magical thinking refers to the pre-rational thought of children who think what they want to happen with the expectation that it will then a happen. If I think and act as if he is not dead then maybe he won’t be. He’ll come back. Just one of the derangements of the mind that occured.
Excellent and well researched book about the loss felt by those “left behind”. Very literate. Good read. Read it.

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