Jan 07 2006

As I Lay Dying

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by William Faulkner

This is the first book by Faulkner that I ever read and it took me months to get around to finishing it. I started six months ago but stopped after about 40 pages thinking why spend time reading about a long gone place and way of life. Still not sure of a good answer other than the generic “it about the human condition”. Universal. Maybe it is.

However, the use of language is exceptional in the way it seems to convey the nature of the the time, place, and people with little explicit description. The story is told by snippets of thoughts and observations by a variety of people. Flow of consciousness, but across a variety of people

The story is about a bizarre, to me, set of actions. Loopy, internally programmed people on a strange road trip. Each with his/her own concerns, motivations, and drives. Seemingly all pretty pig headed and without much in the way of common sense or communications.

Not sure how much Faulkner I want to read, but I might try another book or two. Well told story.

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