Dec 21 2005

War Powers

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Just read a transcript of a briefing given by Attorney General Gonzales and a General Michael Hayden who seems to be the head of the “sigint” organization NSA which monitors all sorts of communications around the world and is the organization that implements the seemingly illegal wire tapping authorized by our President. The transcript was released by the White House press office and makes depressing reading. Their first argument is that the 9/11 related legislation that endorsed the “use of force” includes this activity by implication. More egregious to me is the following claim put forth by Gonzales:

I might also add that we also believe the President has
the inherent authority under the Constitution, as
Commander-in-Chief, to engage in this kind of activity.

Sounds like that should be Emperor in Chief! If this were to be true, it sounds to me like a justification that could be used for any action the President decided to take. Congress has not declared war against anybody yet our President apparently thinks he can act as if they had. He uses the word war all the time as justification for his acts. He seems to be going off the deep end. Let’s hope we can get through the next two years without more illegal activities.

A much more comprehensive discussion of this issue is provided by Bruce Schneier (a well know computer security expert).

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