Nov 09 2011

A Problem and a Solution

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Much financial and business oriented reporting is nothing but puffery, mush, or garbage, but every once in a while I read something worth repeating. The following quote from a ‘pundit’ makes sense to me. So I’m repeating it.

I am not against CDS. We need more of them. But they should all be moved to a very transparent exchange. If I buy an S&P derivative (or gold or oil or orange juice), I know that my counterparty risk is the exchange. I don’t have to hedge counterparty risk. The exchange tells whoever is on the other side of the trade that they need to put up more money, as the trade warrants. Or tells me if the trade goes against me.

The banks lobbied to keep CDS “over the counter.” The commissions are huge that way. If they are on an exchange the commissions are small. This was a huge failure of Dodd-Frank. And we all pay for it in ways that no one really sees. …..

Equity markets are supposed to help companies raise capital for business purposes, not be casinos. Investors want to and should be able to buy and sell stocks with a long view to the future. And increasingly there is the feeling that this is not the case. When I talk to institutional investors and managers, it is clear that they are very frustrated.

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  1. hdomkeon 23 Nov 2011 at 4:49 am

    What is CDS? Credit Default Swap? Why is that quote valuable?

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