Jul 12 2011

Joker One

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by Donovan Campbell

This is an attempt to describe what war in Iraq was like for one newly appointed infantry lieutenant and his platoon of Marines during the insurgency in Ramadi in 2004. A very evocative description of what war in that place at that time was like for one group of men who fought it. I can’t say anything about how accurate it is, but feels truthful and makes clear the meaning of the ‘fog of war’, the chaos, and the insanity of it all via a retelling of day to day events. Horrible stuff happens to you or your friends, but the group continues attempting to complete its assigned missions; whether or not they seem to make sense.
The over riding importance of supporting your buddies and accomplishing your assigned mission is repeatedly driven home. That’s what you are there for and that it is all it is about! “Ours is not to reason why. Ours is but to do and die”. Not mine, but ours: the squads and the platoon.
Not pleasant or fun but worth reading.

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