Jul 05 2011

Ebocloud, A Novel About The Social Singularity

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by Rick Moss

This little ebook was originally published on smashbooks.com in electronic form which is how I read it. Subsequently, it was taken up and published as a paper back. A new publishing model.
The story is about people involved with a “Facebook on a lot of steroids” social network which is called the ebocloud. Affinity groups derived from the ebocloud come to replace the groups that members formerly related to in the ‘real world’. The cyber world (ebocloud) takes over which is the ‘social singularity’ of the subtitle! Before the book ends, the ebocloud’s capabilities are taken much beyond what I perceive as ever possible. Somewhat interesting speculation, but too unrealistic and superficial for my taste.
Overlaid on the description of ebocloud’s world and speculation about social networks is an apparent murder attempt ultimately resolved by identifying a mad genius behind ebocloud who is running amok. That genius is conveniently killed to allow the different good genius to continue his wonderful social network.
I was curious to see what this book was about and now I know; a simple sketchy story with a little interesting speculation. Not much atmosphere or depth.

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