Jun 04 2011

Sum – Forty Tales from the After Life

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by David Eagleman
This is a very short book of about 40 pages but since I read an electronic version it consisted of 107 screens. The subtitle is a exactly what you get: forty short imaginings of what comes after death. Mostly imaginative and clever ideas sketched out quickly. The author is a neuroscientist and that shows through in a few of the scenarios. The book can easily be read in an hour or two, but probably better to read it one scenario at a time (which I didn’t do).
This was the first digital book that I ‘checked out’ of our library, and reading it was hindered by “Digital Rights Management” controls (AKA DRM). DRM required using a particular application from Adobe to read the book and that application was ‘stale’ and old looking with clunky page transitions and without the ability to scroll even scroll through a whole scenario (about a page if on paper). The DRM paranoia prevents copying any text anywhere

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