May 14 2011


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by A. D. Miller

This small novel is a well written but demoralizing tale of life in post communist Russia. It is in the form of a confessional diary being written for his fiancee by a British lawyer who had worked for several years in Moscow during one of the recent periods of western “investment” in Russia. He worked on arrangements for large commercial loans and became a victim of both personal and professional disasters. The disasters involve scams that he half knows are occurring, but he still willingly goes along with them since he is ‘enjoying’ his life. Russian society is portrayed as brutal, corrupted and corrupting.
The author was formerly a journalist for the Economist magazine in Moscow, and the story is presumably an accurate portrayal of the aspects of life in Moscow which he observed. The picture drawn of Russia and the Russians is not a pretty one as it focuses on the con artists, pervasive graft, easy murder, and a general feeling of oppression accepted with the ‘stronger’ preying on the weaker.

Crime, business, politics, spookery – the usual Russian merry-go-round.

A well told story, but not fun to read.

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