Dec 16 2010

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

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by Stieg Larsson
This should be a widely recognized title as this book was “an international best seller” and was made into a somewhat popular movie (2009) which I have not seen. For the most part, this is a very good mystery. The story is set up very well in a believable manner and situation. The mystery is intriguing and develops well with a herd of interesting characters. The crux of the mystery is a very dark, violent and nasty crime, but the book doesn’t wallow in the details or description of the crime. Rather it focuses on the investigation and resolution as it should.
For about 500 pages, I was thinking I’d read and enjoy the next two books in the “Millennium Trilogy” which this book starts. But, then the girl with the tattoo became too good to be real, and the book ran on. After the main mystery was revealed and the crime ‘solved’ two additional ‘endings’ were tacked on and that didn’t work for me. They seemed unnecessary and anti-climactic. Too bad.
I’ve looked at the next two books but probably won’t read them.

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