Nov 16 2010

Cutting For Stone

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by Abraham Verghese
I don’t remember where I heard of this excellent novel, but when I tried to get it from our library, I was about the 100th person on the library’s hold list. Eventually, my turn came and the book provided a story that was very different from what I more usually read. Written by an MD, about an extended ‘family’ of Indian MD’s, mainly surgeons, at a poor mission hospital in Ethiopia and to a lesser extent later at a poor urban hospital in the US. The plot flows along well with nicely written portraits of the various characters; mostly doctors. The beginning section seemed particularly strong with a vivid descriptions of an ocean voyage from India and of Addis Abba in the 1940 & 50s. As the story moves along, diseases and operations are described in some vivid detail and with some of the gore they must involve. Overall, the story is suffused with descriptions of and admiration for medicine, but that doesn’t interfere with the telling of an interesting tale.
Definitely recommended.

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