Nov 05 2010

River of Gods

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by Ian McDonald
A novel set in India which mixes Hindu religon and Hindu culture with a super intelligent system (“post human”, “trans human”, “post singularity”, or whatever) that interacts with a fairly interesting set of (human) characters. Unlike a lot of speculative fiction, this one focuses on the humans and doesn’t try to explain or even describe in any detail the super intelligent technology. It just is and its interactions with humans are all there is. The human characters were explored and made interesting (Like in a ‘real’ book :-).
For me, it was not a superb book, but was worth the time. For the first few hundred pages I occasionally considered stopping and I found it irritating off and on all the way to the end. Part of my problem was that it has a whole lot of references to Hindu mythology which didn’t mean much to me.
PS. I read this and Breakpoint (prior post) several months ago. Just took a while to get these comments done.

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