Apr 12 2010

Pot or Kettle: Which is blacker?

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Apple and Adobe have been fighting over control of web and mobile applications development tools and last week Apple made changes to their developers license that precludes use of a major feature in a forthcoming Adobe product. The following quote is from a Wall Street Journal article on the web this morning:

“An Apple spokeswoman said that Apple embraces standard technologies and that “Adobe’s Flash is closed and proprietary.”

Seems to me that both Adobe and Apple try very hard to establish closed monopoly environments which they can control and get rich on. Apple’s claim to “embrace standard technologies” excludes standards that they do not set or effectively control, but the wording suggests they support “open” standards. Their license change is certainly anti-competitive and in line with their own “closed and proprietary” approach.
Update: For a more detailed analysis of Apple’s PR, take a look at this ars technica article.

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