Feb 25 2009

Secondary Effects

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It is no secret that newspapers are in serious decline and a number of them have filed for bankruptcy protection. I haven’t subscribed to a paper in many years and hence am part of their problem. Like many others I get all the news I want via the internet, radio (most radio is via podcasts) and talking to other people. I still read one magazine printed on paper that arrives via the U.S. Mail which includes news related material.
I don’t miss the rather dirty and voluminous newspapers except when I want to cover a floor to protect it from paint or the trunk of my car to protect it from very dirty objects (like loads of garden mulch or compost). What will fill this niche if newspapers disappear? Purchased plastic sheets? That doesn’t sound like a step forward.
Speaking of plastic: In San Francisco, grocery stores can no longer provide plastic bags. This opens up the market for people to sell plastic bags as there still is a needed to line garbage cans.
Somewhere, someone must be saving old plastic grocery bags or newspaper mastheads in hopes of starting a museum for each. Maybe in what used to be a gas station along some highway.

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