Sep 15 2008


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At the beginning of 2000, we wrote about 35 paper checks per month. For the most recent four months, we’ve averaged about 9 per month with a high of 11 and only 6 last month. We don’t live much differently in most regards, but use electronic bill payment services and credit cards more. A significant portion of the remaining checks are charitable contributions for which the IRS requires a paper trail; more paper than before since acknowledgment letters need to be kept.
Additionally, more credit card statements, bank statements are provided electronically. They can be printed as needed, but why keep a moldering pile of paper?
Newspaper readership is shrinking. Want ads are moving to Craig’s list or equivalent.
Paper books are still useful to use and nice to read, but a gradually increasing portion of our reading is done on a screen. Nice paper used in invitations, etc. still looks and feels good (at least to my generation).
Overall, we seem to be making some progress toward chopping up fewer trees to make paper.

PS. A New York Times artivle on the paper usage from earlier this year.

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