Aug 15 2008

Prematurely retro?

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The drillSomewhat shocking to me, but this drill which I acquired some years ago is now retro. Maybe it has been retro for a decade but I didn’t notice till now. It was not inherited from my father, it is not the first drill I bought as an adult but it seems it has still achieved retro status. I would have gone on thinking it was a reasonable electric drill but recently used a “current” model which had a battery pack instead of power cord, a built in chuck (no separate ‘key’ to lose), was easily reversible, and had numerous speed adjustments. Oh well.

I did look to see if the “Skil” brand was still sold and it is in the newer, battery powered configurations. Skil seems to be part of the Bosch conglomerate. I think it used to be an independent American power tool company, but it is probably just a brand name now.

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