Jul 07 2008

Moby Dick

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by Herman Melville (Libravox recording)

I wanted to like this book but couldn’t manage it. Gave up twice. The first time was early this year when I only got through a four or five chapters. The second time was when I was on a small boat cruise, close to the water, smelling the salt air, and occasionally seeing whales. Second time I got a lot farther. The Pequod put out to sea, and whales hunting started before my interest gave out. Just too many words wandering too far from the story, such as descriptions of the divisions of the cetaceans, wore out my interest. Got to the point that the story didn’t seem worth the investment in time it would take to complete it. I went back to listening to more current lectures and commentary.

Two strikes and I’m out in this case. A ‘masterpiece’ I won’t listen to as I deleted the recordings from my laptop.

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