Sep 29 2007

Altered Carbon

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Richard K. Morgan

I picked this book since I heard the authored interviewed on KQED’s Forum show. He has a new book out which sounded interesting and the series of books which started with this one was mentioned. I then found it in the library and decided to give it a go. Bad choice. The book is to long with too many “narrow escapes” and tough guy mayhem.

The subtitle of this book is pretty accurate: a marriage of “hardcore cyberpunk” and “hard boiled detective” story. The idea on which the novel is built is a world in which a person’s essences is encapsulated in a ‘stack’ which can be moved between real and synthetic bodies (AKA ‘sleeves’). This leads to some interesting ideas early in the book but for me there were too many close calls, miraculous escapes, and shoot-em mayhem. I just got tired of it after reading over 300 of 370 pages, I just didn’t care how it ended. So I stopped.

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