Jun 04 2005

A Beautiful Mind

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by Sylvia Nasar.

Many people have heard about this story as it was a best seller as well as a popular movie. I have saw the movie when it was playing in theater and enjoyed it. The book is different, but a very readable yet somewhat disturbing story. It tells quite a saga of John Nash from an extremely obnoxious young genius, to a nearly homeless, schizophrenic nobody, and back to a functional mathematician and person who won a Nobel Prize for his early work. While Nash sounds like a total sod when young, he was brilliant and parts of the math community as well as his (ex & future) wife (one person) stood by and supported him through a long period os schizophrenia.

The movie glossed over a lot of his unpleasantness when young, dreamed up the schizophrenic incidents, and generally put too happy a face on the story. Both the movie and the book are worth seeing/reading, but they tell different stories. Presumably, the book is closer to the “truth”.

The first third of the book which describes his brilliant early work and many of the people he associated with or crossed paths with may bore some, but I found it particularly interseting since I had heard of and in some cases read about the work of many of them when in graduate school.

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