May 27 2005

Bullseye Investing

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by John Mauldin who is a popular newsletter writer on the internet and an investment advisor specializing in hedge funds. One of his favorite issues is the inability of investors with modest assets to buy into hedge funds which he believes just precludes them from earning a better return. Anyway, on to the book.
He writes a weekly letter that is usually quite interesting and informative. Not surprisingly, his book has a similar style and there is some overlap in content. The book describes his views on how to make money in the current market environment. Not surprisingly he believe the trend following that worked so well in the 90’s will get you no where now. He, like a fair number of other commentators, expect lower returns for the next ten or so years.
Most of the book is an exercise in arguments supporting his view that the market is high priced and the world economy has serious problems to resolve. He’s optimistic they can be resolved without a disaster, but that will take a good does of the old British “muddle through” approach.
Over all, the book could be slimmed down, but maybe the repetion of ideas and justifications is needed. A good read that sets out realistic expectations, but won’t actually go very far in telling you how to make money. That’s good!

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