Mar 26 2007

Infinity’s Shore

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by David Brin

So I’m continuing with this series and now I’ve now finished book two of the second half of the Uplift (double) Trilogy. The first three books were pretty independent of each other but set the stage for these last three. That was a big stage set. Probably about 1500 pages though I didn’t count them. Infinitiy’s Shore includes a pretty good recapitulation of Brightness Reek in its first chapters. That was a bit tedious since I’m reading them pretty close together, but it makes the book sort of readable on its own though I wouldn’t recommend that.

The overall story seems to be comes together smoothly which is quit impressive given its large scope; many species, characters, and subplots. I’m wondering if this series of book mostly evolved or was plotted out in advance. I’d bet it started as a single book but then evolved into series though the last three books were probably outlined as an entity. Some design was needed to bring it back together in a manner one expects in books. I suppose I could search for “an answer” to that question, but instead I’ll just read the last book shortly. After I catch up on some other delayed tasks.

Overall, it would be foolish to try to explain the characters, environment and plot of such a large scale, imaginary world and story. Infinity’s Shores takes place on the same planet and many of the same characters as Brightness Reef, but it brings them in contact with the human and dolphin crewed space ship from Startide Rising. Brin does tell a tale which includes many ‘large’ human issues: religion and society, inter=species(race) relations, diversity, greed and war. Not lectures, mostly just components of the story. Sometimes it seems odd that the same old problems are projected onto races of beings that can do magnificent things with the physical world. But that’s real. “Progress” hasn’t fundamentally changed many human problems. Just their scope and trappings.

In honor of comic books(?), this volume end with all the three main characters from Brightness Reef again fleeing with the same ‘partner’ as in that book. Fleeing different bad guys in different ways, but again fleeing. The most imaginative flight is in a bubble of ‘space time that is being dragged behind a giant space ship which is chasing other good guys in the space ship from Startide Rising. Sounds funny, but the story makes it fit…

One more book to go, and I just bought it. Will finish it all in a few weeks.

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