Mar 16 2007

Brightness Reef

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by David Brin
This is the first book of the second half of the Uplift (double) Trilogy and it is only loosely related to the first three books.  It uses the same ‘uplift’ context and some clear references to events in the second book, Startide Rising, but it involves different beings in a different time and place.  It is clearly the start of a tighter series as it sets up a locale, a situation and a set of characters but doesn’t bring much of anything to a conclusion.  At the end of the book, it is all “tune in next week”.  The three main characters, human siblings who live among six groups of illegal aliens on a planet that was supposed to be left uninhabited, are in flight with a partner of the opposite sex who may also be an enemy.  They are fleeing from newly arrived aliens with more powerful technology or from other groups from among the six illegally ‘settled’ species.  Also left in progress is an apparently ill fated journey to the bottom of a sea.

The six groups of alien settler had all come to the planet to get away from the dominant galactic civilization.  All profess to want to gradually revert to a pre-sentient state (the ultimate in dropping out!).  Late in this book, the earthlings who are weak on the galactic scale admit to being there as an insurance policy for the survival of the human race and they don’t really want to drop out.  Other hidden agenda’s are yet to appear.  There are several other major characters and story lines, but I’ll not list them all here.

I still find the story interesting though I’m skimming some of the more tedious or peripheral bits of story.  Predictable in places but a good recreational tall tale.

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