Mar 08 2007

The Uplift War

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by David Brin

With of this book, I’m half way through the “uplift” (double) trilogy by David Brin. These first three books are all quite different from each other but loosely related by the inclusion of the same ‘uplift’ scenario. All occur in the distant future, in the same galaxy, and with the same set of ‘alien’ races involved in ‘uplifting’ less developed species.

Startide Rising (‘83) was mainly about humans and dolphins and didn’t dwell on societal issues. The Uplift War was written in ’87, was mainly about humans and chimpanzees, and plays against a background of ecological issues. It takes place on a despoiled planet, “Garth” which was re-settled by humans and chimps after its environment was ruined by a ‘young’, intelligent, but rapacious species. That ruinous episode is not part of the book except for its destruction of most life on the planet. Garth and its human outposts become a pawn in an intra-galactic war that was triggered by the events described in Startide Rising. Garth is invaded and occupied by one of the warring races with the intention of using it as a bargaining chip. The story is about the chimps’ and humans’ resistance and the eventual loss of face by the invaders.

Subplots or themes involve the weakness of high tech weapons which are temporarily foiled by reversion to bows and arrows, empathetic communication among a race that is friendly to the earthlings, and a better elaboration of the nature of some of the key alien species and how they are imagined to function. The later will likely be elaborated in the ensuing three books.

Like Startide Rising, this book was a “Space opera”. It held my attention and when finished, I wanted to continue on with the series. Entertaining with some clever ideas and explorations of those ideas.

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