Feb 15 2005

San Francisco Horror (1906)

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The complete title is “Sand Francisco Horror of Earthquake and Fire” by James Russel Wilson the “the well known author”. This is a collection of descriptions of the San Francisco earthquake of 1906 which was published in the same year as the quake. It is a compendium of, repetitious, first and second hand accounts of the great quake that leveled much of San Francisco. A crass summary might be a “quite a jolt and then a really big fire”. Interesting in its details of what a big quake does and looks like as its happening, and for its details of 1906 society (wildly supportive of shooting burglers “on sight”.
The last third of the book is a telling of 1906 beliefs and theories of the causes of earthquakes and volcanoes; an obsolete geology.
A good book to skim and dip into occasionally. Especially if you have no idea what a big quake can do. Timely given the recent Tsunami following a 9.0 quake. Scary to speculate what will happen when the earth moves again.

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