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Apr 12 2011

“New Disposable, Medical Camera Is the Size of a Grain of Salt”

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I think this is a cool invention, but it might just be ominous as well. A video camera with 250×250 pixel resolution so small it can be barely seen by the naked eye. Designed to do that dreaded medical procedure known as a colonoscopy!

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Apr 09 2011

Feel so sorry for them…..

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Don’t you feel sorry for spies? All those computers making their job so difficult.

Russian spy agency complains about Gmail, Skype
BY Reuters
— 11:07 AM ET 04/08/2011

MOSCOW, April 8 (Reuters) – Russia’s domestic security service called for access to encrypted communication providers like Skype, Gmail and Hotmail on Friday, saying the uncontrolled use of such services could threaten national security.

As any technology a real issue as encrypted traffic can be good or bad, or both, depending on who is using it for what purpose, but a general banning would not prevent real bad guys from using strong digital encryption. Just prevent the vast majority of people from using it for appropriate purposes.

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Apr 04 2011

The Blind Assassin

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by Margaret Atwood

An excellently told story of a family in Canada in the early to mid 20th century. The family starts out modestly rich and the industrial ‘Barons’ of a small town in eastern Canada, but the family’s fortunes then decline with the depression. The book is narrated by one of two sisters and evolves into her describing the writing of a book for her estranged granddaughter’s benefit. The identity of the narrator and other characters in the tale is kept obscure early in the story. At the outset, it seems like several stories, but they all come together.

In a sense, not much happens and what does happen is often not described in any real detail. The two sisters’ stories are told against the backdrop of the depression, labor agitation, and finally WW II. The story line evolve smoothly and with small surprises that make sense when revealed. Lots of pronouns make for ambiguity as the several plot lines are developed and come together. Very nicely told story. Involving but not a page turner.

eReader note:
I read this over a period of about a month on Kindle for Mac and for iPhone which was handy but otherwise not exciting. Could read it in snatches as time allowed. The Kindle apps worked but were not noticeably better or worse than the Google reader I had previously tried.

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