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Jul 06 2005

The BIT and the Pendulum

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by Tom Siegfried

The subtitle is “From Quantum Computing to M Theory – The New Physics of Information” correctly indicates it is a broad ranging book that focuses on the inclusion of information concepts in science, mostly physics, and the impact of physics on theoretical computing. The book is a little out of date since it was published in 2000, at the height of the Internet/information technology boom. It is also superficial which is good and necessary if it is to be broadly accessible. But that superficiality caused me some concerns as basic concepts in the book are not really defined and seem to be used with multiple implicit meanings.

The book starts with a lengthy exposition of the start of and then current status of quantum computing. This is what attracted me to the book as I’d like to get a basic understanding of it. The book helped a little, but I’m still hung up on how to relate a quantum computation to a problem stated by a human. Not to say I understand the internals of such a computation, but how to describe the problem (inputs) and relate the final state (outputs) to a specific solution in this gross non quantum world.

The rest of the book then is more about use of information concepts in physics and the information aspects of the quest to develop a unified theory of the universe (quantum, gravity, everything).

The author is (was?) a science correspondent for a Dallas newspaper and some of the sections read as if they were first published as columns which they probably were.

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Jul 03 2005

Supreme Court

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The current situation is worse than silly. Congress and the Presidency are not doing their jobs or the Supreme Court wouldn’t to be getting all this attention. Congress, most of all, should be establishing laws reflecting the “will of the people” being governed and thegovernment’s constitutional basis. If they were doing a decent job, the nomination of a new Supreme Court Justice would not have turned into such an outpouring of lobbists and special interests. Every one looking for “someone who thinks like me” so that bad, or at least unconstitutional laws can be established by the Court! Wrong/bad process. It doesn’t make sense for a group of 9 old codgers to set policy on contentious issues. Review legislation for constitutionality, yes. Clarify, yes. But not to set policy or law.

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Jul 02 2005

Burger Joint

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Valencia and 19th St. Small, flourescent colored throw back style burger joint. X+Fries for $7-$8; drink extra. Limited “menu”. Cash only. Decent burger and grilled chicken on a bun. Good for an occasional visit, but not a culunary delight. Cheap and easy…..

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