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Feb 24 2013

Coffee Consumption is Down

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Taking the long view U.S. consumption is down about fifty percent to 23 gallons/person/year. Of course many of the old ‘coffee can’ sources available in 1948 have disappeared and Starbucks et. al. have appeared.

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Jun 23 2006


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On Valencia just north of 21st.

Great name, mediocre food, nice room, mediocre decor, loud music. Better skip this one unless it is Monday night and nothing else is open. Edible food but not up the quality of so many others nearby.

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May 30 2006

Fog City Diner

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On the Embarcadero at Battery St.

A high end diner in a classic or ‘railcar’ format. Outdoor seating on Battery St. We only had a big snack or a light meal with three small dishes: Caesar salad, potato wedges, and mac & cheese. All were good but not a little pricey. Caesar salad was done well, but relatively small.

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May 08 2006


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A new ‘Modern Moroccan’ restaurant on Guerrero St. just south of 22nd. Modern is about equal to influenced by california style cuisine. We had a tasty meal: I had an eggplant ‘duet’ salad and grilled salmon on a couscous patty with a few lightly grilled vegetables. B had a glazed carrot salad and lamb on a couscous base with vegetables. Both good. Entries are $15 to $19. Worth a try. Likely will return again.

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Apr 27 2006

Cha Ya

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A newly opened vegetarian Japanese restaurant on Valencia St between 18th and 19th. An offshoot or branch of a restaurant of the same name over in Berkeley. Appropriate to Berkeley, this one is right in with the buildings of the New College. A somewhat less prestigious seat of higher learning than UC Berkeley.

Food was quite tasty and portions were appropriately large. Sauces were very good. We had mushroom (Kokinko sp?) soba, crispy tofu, a shredded salad and vegie pot stickers in a vegie stew (don’t remember the name). Green tea was excellent. Pottery was attractive.

The menu has a number of ‘sushi’ rolls that I’ll have to try next time.

We will try it again, for sure.

5/25 – Repeat. Still good food. One dish stuffed eggplant was a little bland. Hana Mogoku was good. Still positive on the place. Cash only.

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Jan 08 2006

Bar Tartine

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Valencia between 16th and 17th.

An offshoot of Tartine which is at Guerrero and 18th, this “wine bar” and restaurant has a limited menu that only changes occasionally, but the food is very good. Excellent. On a par with its name sake’s bread and pastries. It has an extensive wine list.

Not a cheap meal, but very tasty.

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Oct 15 2005


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A Peruvian restaurant on 24th St. in Noe Valley. Across from Bell Market.
It was recommended to us for its ceviche, but we chose other dishes. Very tasty filleted trout with tomato, onion, rice and beans, and a seafood “stew”. Has a side order of plantains which was too dry for my taste. Very good food and a pleasant place.

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Jul 02 2005

Burger Joint

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Valencia and 19th St. Small, flourescent colored throw back style burger joint. X+Fries for $7-$8; drink extra. Limited “menu”. Cash only. Decent burger and grilled chicken on a bun. Good for an occasional visit, but not a culunary delight. Cheap and easy…..

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Jan 22 2005

The Last Supper Club

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Note: The last Supper Club has changed management since thsi was written.

Tasty food, but noisy with a bar along one side of the single large dining room. Stuffed risoto appetizer was notable. Pasta Vongola with peppery, spicy red sauce.
Crowded with a line by 7 Pm on a Friday night.
Similar to Luna Park

On the corner of 23rd and Valencia.

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Jan 11 2005


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San Francisco cuisine with smallish dishes that are easily shared. Kind of Tapas like

On 16th St. at Guerrero St.

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Jan 09 2005


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Tapas and pealla. Excellent dishes. Casual and can be noisy when crowded.

Menu online at

557 Valencia St. Just south of 16th Street on east side of Valencia.

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